What is IBS?

A common disorder affecting the large intestine is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, and cramping are symptoms. IBS is a chronic condition that requires long-term management.

There are only a few people with severe IBS symptoms. Managing diet, lifestyle, and stress can help manage symptoms. If symptoms are severe, medication and counseling may be needed.

Symptoms Of IBS?​

  • The signs and symptoms of IBS vary, but they tend to persist for a long time. The most common include:

    • Constipation-related abdominal pain, cramping, or bloating
    • Changes in bowel movements
    • Frequency of bowel movements

    Other symptoms associated with this condition include bloating, gas, and mucus in the stool.

Types of IBS?

IBS is classified according to the type of abnormal bowel movements that you experience:


IBS with constipation, most of your poop is hard and lumpy


IBS with diarrhea: Most of your poop is loose and watery.


IBS with mixed bowel habits (IBS-M): You have both hard and lumpy bowel movements and loose and watery movements on the same day.

IBS Treatment

Causes and Triggers

The physical processes involved in IBS can also vary, but may consist of:

  • Constipation is caused by slowed or spastic colon movements
  • The colon has abnormal serotonin levels, affecting bowel movements and motility
  • due to an imbalance of bacteria

Treatments for IBS

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