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Is there an available ibs treatment in ayurveda? Know a to z ayurvedic treatment for ibs here.


Older generations have relied on the age-old magic of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has proved to be beneficial for many people and we have all heard great stories about healing through it, but how beneficial they are, is what we would evaluate.

Ayurveda has treatments for any and every disease and condition. Be it anything, there is also an IBS treatment in Ayurveda. It also claims to work on the root cause of the symptoms that we can see by working deeply on what we cannot see. It requires patience and consistency but it could work for you.


Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is a system that aims at prevention and cure through certain lifestyle additions or changes that contribute to a healthy mind and body. It makes use of herbs or homemade remedies to treat illnesses.

This whole system has its roots in India and people choose Ayurveda as it has no side severe side effects and can be both preventative and curative. It aims at balancing three types of energies also known as doshas – Vata ( associated with movement ), pitta ( associated with body’s metabolism ), and Kapha.


  • WHAT IS IT – IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder that affects the large intestine. It is a common disorder and does not turn into anything severe. It is a chronic disease that needs to be managed for a while before you see the symptoms decreasing. Consistency and patience go a long way when trying to deal with such a disease.
  • SYMPTOMS – Symptoms of IBS are different for everyone and might be serious for one person more than the other. Some common symptoms are stomach pain, cramps, bloating, weight loss, anemia, and many more.
  • CAUSES – There is no specific idea as to why IBS happens but there are plenty of probable reasons that have been common in many cases. It could be issues with the nervous system, issues with the digestive system, stressful situations, or infections caused due to prolonged diarrhea. These are some of the common causes.
  • TREATMENT – There is IBS treatment medication, IBS-related diet, and other medical treatments which aim at eliminating the symptoms and helping with the discomfort caused.

IBS treatment in Ayurveda is something most people might not know much about. It would use the goodness of nature and age-old remedies to help you deal with this chronic condition.


  • Takes time to heal the cause – Ayurvedic is not a charm that would work overnight, it requires time but it is known to give ever-lasting effects after that. Instant results are amazing but might only last momentarily till the medication is being taken.
  • Vaidya knows it all – Even though there are not any severe disadvantages of Ayurvedic medicines, for its advantages to work the dosage is important. What medicine to take and how many times is something an Ayurvedic doctor will be able to tell you.
  • Home remedies go a long way – Even though Ayurvedic medicines are made from basic kitchen ingredients and you might be generally eating them but as a medicine, the amount and timing play a key role to see its positive effect.
  • Follow specifications – There are certain medicines you need to mix in water, certain you need to consume with milk, and whatnot. Stick to the instructions and follow those specifications as there is a reason for those specifications.
  • Be consistent – Ayurveda is extremely strict about its course of medicine. If you do not complete a certain medication timetable you might not experience the results anytime soon.


IBS treatment is Ayurveda should not surprise you, Ayurveda has a treatment for every disease. IBS has been called ‘Grahani’ in Ayurveda and it believed in examining all the symptoms of a disease to have a better understanding so it could then move to treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment for IBS is focused on balancing bodily energies, improving the colon’s condition and the digestive system. It also focuses on the mind and body to eliminate stress as it’s a known cause of IBS.

  • Panchakarma – Panchakarma is another word for detox, used in Ayurveda. It helps get rid of toxins or harmful substances and restore the goodness in the body. Virechana also aims at removing toxins through the rectum and this cleanse restores digestive health. Shirodhara is another part of panchakarma, specific oil is poured onto the forehead, it is known to help with psychological issues like anxiety and stress.
  • Rasayana – This Ayurvedic treatment is a full revamp of your life into a healthy one and it includes yoga, medication, diet, and other needed activities to restore your health in every way possible. It is known to help improve IBS symptoms.
  • Yoga – Yoga has uncountable benefits if done the right way and proves to be helpful for IBS too. It is known to greatly help with digestive issues.
  • Herbs for IBS –
  1. Triphala – contains antibacterial effects
  2. Bilva – immunity booster
  3. Yashtimadhu – mild laxative and acts as a pain killer for stomach
  4. Guduchi – Meant for reducing pain in the stomach
  5. Ashwagandha – helps with stress levels
  • Ayurvedic Diet – It aims at consuming light foods that are easier to digest, it also highlights buttermilk or Takra and certain spices.


IBS treatment in Ayurveda could be something to try as it has no side effects and most people have benefited from it not only for IBS but seen health changes that would last for a lifetime. It would balance your energies and that is not only good for IBS but your health in general.



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