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How to deal with ibs pain? Get the complete pain management guidance here.

Is constant bloating distracting you from work? Do you feel unhygienic because of constipation?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Our food habits create a huge impact on our bodies. While unhealthy food attracts us to new diseases, healthy food repels us from the diseases. Nowadays, we see changes in the food habits of people.

Some people are switching to a healthy lifestyle either due to some disease they are facing or due to awareness. We have started to recognize the importance of food and the nutritional value of vegetarian food.

However, there’s a lot of people still following unhealthy lifestyles. These habits lead to many problems in the body, one of them being bowel problems. There is no definite cause of the disorder but there are some assumptions made on the potential causes. Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS pains are severe and very difficult to deal with.

Let us learn how to deal with IBS pain and get relieved.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a disorder occurring in the intestines. These disorders create problems in bowel movements. The exact cause of the disorder is yet unknown however several assumptions are made after research.


There are significant symptoms of the syndrome resulting in the disorder are:

  • Abdominal pains
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Cramping
  • Increase in bowel movements
  • Changes like bowel movements


Pain is the most significant feature of any problem we have. It is the only thing that connects us to feel a problem. Be it a physical scar, bruise, disease or scratch, or a mental dilemma.

The mental dilemma seems queer but trusts me it does have its effects. The constant stress and overthinking about some troublesome topic or conversations can cause head pain and/or drain our energy completely.

Well, the only difference is, it’s only us that go through the mental pain while we have other sympathizers while going through physical pain. We, humans, tend to believe what is seen by naked eyes. We all feel the blood oozing out from a scratch or sense the burns.

And it’s similar to the IBS pains. The pain in the belly is severe, once it starts, it takes a long time to stop. The pain may also cause changes in the bowel movements causing bloating, constipation, etc.

The exact cause of the pain is unknown but there is some assumption made by the doctors which are:

  • Nerves Disruptions – The brain is the organ that gives our body to perform activities. The nerves act as a messenger all across the body and deliver signals to each cell, administrating and controlling all the activities. It is however believed that the incoordination between the nerves of the brain and intestines leads to IBS pains and other symptoms.
  • Triggers – Doctors believe that certain triggers that are occurring in the intestines lead to pain and changes in bowel movements. These triggers can be created by certain foods and vegetables, stress, and infections which disturb the muscle contractions and cause the symptoms.


The IBS pain is quite unpredictable. The pain can be in an acute form or chronic form. The acute form of pain is short-lived whereas the chronic form of pain is long-term pain, the pain may prevail until 6 months or more.

The pain we feel in the abdomen is processed in the brain as sensations and can be modified by the emotional centers, making the entire situation emotionally distressing. This is when we cry or showcase our emotions of suffering from the pain.

IBS pain can create severe pain in the abdomen and changes in the bowels. When patients experience pain, IBS pain areas, as well as the mental state, become hypersensitive. This means that every small or big thing can make the patient suffer from pain. Even when we think that a particular thing is incapable of creating pain, the patient might have the opposite thought.

The hypersensitivity is capable of aggravating the pain of the patient, which is why extreme measures and care should be taken to take care of the patient.


With the extent of pain so severe, we must learn some controlling measures for IBS pain relief:

  • Relaxing Exercises – We know that stress plays a huge role in aggravating IBS pain and affecting bowel movements. Learning relaxing exercises will help in controlling IBS stomach pain or IBS back pain. Something like meditation or savasana is a perfect fit. Both the asanas have to be performed by maintaining a relaxing composure along with deep breath and healthy visualization. With our eyes closed and muscles relaxed, we get to focus on our long breath and live each breath we inhale and exhale. This releases the brain of all the stress and we are re-energized after opening our eyes.
  • Be careful of what you eat – Any incorrect consumption of food or beverage may trigger IBS pain areas in causing pain and affecting the bowel movements as well. Food has a great impact on us. So, we have to be very careful of the foods that do not suit us or are strictly prohibited to keep the pain at bay.
  • Hot Water Bottle – Heat is the best remedy to cure any cause of pain. Whenever we are suffering from any pain, the heat helps in relaxing the muscles and loosening them, letting the pain pass.


Pain, when spoken in terms of signals and messages, seems so monotonous. Whereas, the beauty of pain lies in our consciousness to be alive. IBS pains can be very exhausting and severe. It is our responsibility to maintain a good, disciplined lifestyle and eat well to avoid pain as much as possible.

A good balance between body and mind will help us in reducing stress and other factors to control and manage IBS pain and other bowel movement problems with ease.



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